About the artist

Nik works professionally as personal trainer and online coach with clients around the world. His passion though always has been creative work.


From very young until today he’s been loving and creating art. No museum, no gallery is unseen by him.

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Nik's artworks are characterised by nature inspired colours and abstract forms.


Feel free to take a closer look at Nik's artwork and get in touch with the artist or buy one of the paintings for your own home.

Happy clients

I absolutely love this picture, which is worth every penny i have paid for."

Tobias Malik -

"So happy with the Art and it's creator, Just buy it!"

John Sample -

"Here you truly have a great up and coming artist. His art works are playful, creative and create discussion.

I appreciated he was thoughtful in creating a piece that would fit me and my needs.

He is professional and is continuing to develop his craft and ideas. I can think of no one better to get a wonderful abstract painting than here. I know I want to buy more of his art!"

Daniel Ligon -